Our daughter Marta was born on October 5th 2011. She suffers from a very rare genetic disorder – APERT SYNDROME, which causes premature fusion of cranial sutures, retruded midface, fused fingers and toes and various other problems.

When she was only 5 months old she has undergone a surgery closing her cleft palate in the Mother and Child Institute in Warsaw. Just two months later she had the first part of a two-stage skull surgery in Bogenhousen clinic in Munich, Germany. The procedure was performed in order to provide the necessary space for Marta’s brain to grow and develop normally. On September 2012 the second stage of the surgery has been completed, changing the craniofacial part of Marta’s skull. During this procedure the metal distractors which were extending her skull forwards for the past 3 months, were removed, also new bones were added creating previously underdeveloped brow ridge and nose base.

All this would be impossible without the help of many wonderful people!

Now our daughter needs another set of surgeries separating the fused fingers and toes. Already the “atypical” built of her palms and feet make it harder for Martusia to crawl and walk. The surgical intervention  is indispensable for her normal development.  The best place to perform this kind of surgical procedure is Wilhelmstift Clinic in Hamburg, Germany. The cost of a three stage surgery is about 30 000 euro.

 The cost of these procedures exceeds our financial capabilities, therefore we need your help! Each donated zloty/ dollar/ euro is a step forward towards Martusia’s better life!

If you would like to help our “Little Owl”, please find bank account numbers listed at the bottom of this page.


We know that Marta can have a normal life, function as all of her peers, go to school, fall in love. But to make it happen we have to give our Little Owl not only our heart and time but most of all we have to provide her with best possible medical care.


Individual donations via Foundation for Children ‚Help on Time’ :

Account holder: Fundacja Dzieciom „Zdazyc z Pomoca”
Address: ul. Lomianska 5; 01-685 Warszawa POLAND
Bank name: BPH S.A.
Account no.: 15 1060 0076 0000 3310 0018 2615
please include the following description in the transfer information:
15686 DOMANSKA MARTA MARZENNA darowizna na pomoc i ochrone zdrowia


We have also created a separate account for donations in EUR and USD.

This is due to the fact that the Foundation account is run in PLN and we will be paying for Marta’s surgery in EURO -  we would like to avoid non-cost-effective double currency conversion. Please note that this is an individual account not managed by any foundation:

Account holder: Anna Domanska
Bank name: ING Bank Slaski
Bank address: ul. Sokolska 34; 40-086 Katowice, POLAND
SWIFT/BIC (Bank Identification Code): INGBPLPW
IBAN (International Bank Account Number):
PL98 1050 1764 1000 0090 9329 9569   – for donations in EURO
PL22 1050 1764 1000 0090 9329 9676   – for donations in USD
transfer title: Marta Domanska


In order to facilitate the process of money transfer, we have created a PayPal account for our Little Owl. To send the money you need to use our e-mail address:  aw.domanscy@gmail.com



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